Our Mission

Garrison Building Solutions supplies innovative outdoor products to the Australian building industry.  We are a profitable organisation which seeks to enrich the lives of our people, customers, vendors, and those in need.  Our customers prefer our solutions over other alternatives because of our friendly, reliable service and useful product solutions, which help to add value and convenience during the construction process and throughout the entire life of the building.  

Our Vision

By 2019, Garrison Building Solutions has the most widely used mailbox system in Australia.  We are renowned in the building industry as the best supplier of outdoor building products.

Our Values

  • Profitable – Ask consistently, “Is what I’m doing profitable?  Will it help to make my customer profitable?”
  • Reliability – Do the job once and do it right.  Nobody needs to follow you up.
  • Ownership – You take ownership of your responsibilities.  If there is a problem with a customer, treat it as though it is your own problem.
  • Fair, Friendly and Firm – Fair: A deal is only a deal if it is fair both ways. Friendly: Friendly to all you deal with, but beholden to no one.  Firm: Never be afraid to stand by what is reasonable, just and equitable.
  • Integrity­ – Always be honest, because honesty pays.  Our word is a good as our bond.
  • Trend Setting – Think outside the square.  Never be afraid to try something new.
  • Sacrifice - There is no great gain without some small pain.