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Number (insert quantity) of proprietary aluminium modular mailboxes with front/rear (delete where necessary) mail retrieval, complete with key/latch lock (delete where necessary), and engraved numbers ** to ** plus one box engraved body corporate (if applicable). Configuration to be ** high x ** wide.

Proprietary Item:

Mailsafe series: MSF2, MSF3, MSF Compacts, APR2, APR3, Series 7, Series 7L
(delete series not required).


Polyester powdercoating to AS3715-1989 including pre-treatment in (colour and finish) or natural anodised aluminium.


Built into masonry wall, in accordance with Garrison Solutions recommendation and to comply with AS/NZS 4253:1994 and Australia Post height requirements.

OR; Freestanding on Mailsafe (70mm x 70mm) aluminium powdercoated stands in (colour), to be inserted into concrete/bolted onto concrete/side mounted to mailbox bank (delete where necessary).

OR; Wall mounted onto surface of masonry wall using Mailsafe wall mounts.

Garrison Solutions to confirm size of penetration and tolerance allowed.

Available From: Garrison Solutions. Phone 1300 265 800,